Historic Grand Prix at Zandvoort

The increasing availability of high quality cameras on the cheap has sure bumped up the amount of excellent shoots and edits on video sharing platforms. It’s becoming a full-time job to dig through all of the marvelous historic and new footage of vintage racing—and I do try. Despite my best efforts I managed to miss this wonderful cut that Motorsport Media NL shot at the 2012 Historic Grand Prix of Zandvoort. Beautifully put together.

Thanks for sending this in, Rudy.

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  1. Pilote

    Very nice. The Intentionally Artsy stuff usually doesn’t appeal to me, but this works.

  2. Captain Ned

    The DCOEs everywhere, the Pirelli Cinturatos, the Datsun 510s, most of the Lotuses up to 49, the bird-cage Masers …

    Wish I’d been there.

  3. Carol Quiniou

    Excellent video! Loved the watch and seeing friends and their cars on the track!!! Thanks for sharing…:-)

  4. Hans Spelde

    Motorsport Media.NL are sure producing excellent shoots. They also produced the next video for our team.

    Hans Spelde
    Daspe Racing

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