Visits the CSRG Season Opener

CSRG 2013 Season Opener by

I’m still buried under a foot of snow and I’ve been able to keep the cabin fever from setting in too hard… until No Braking posted their snapshots from the Classic Sports Racing Group’s event opening their 46th(!) season.

The April 5 race weekend drew 150 vintage cars to Sonoma Raceway which looks like it offers some excellent views. Some of these grids look a bit odd, but may have been an enduro or other cross-racing group sessions. Plus I like a mixed racing group—It’s always fun to see a smaller bore Alfa on the track with a Mustang. Fantastic stuff.

CSRG 2013 Season Opener by NoBraking.comCSRG 2013 Season Opener by NoBraking.comCSRG 2013 Season Opener by

More photos on, and check the Vintage Racing Calendar for their next event.

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