Marvelous Film of the 1953 Targa Florio

And here’s another look at Tommy Wisdom’s Jaguar C-Type in the ’53 Targa in the opening moments of this film reel from the event.

Oh, Targa. Why can’t we have the Targa back?

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  1. Peter Linsky

    Italian iron (aluminum) in its natural home! Great old video!

  2. Automobiliac

    Interesting choice of music! haha. Great footage!

  3. john

    To answer your question succinctly , one word – lawyers.
    Neat film. Agreed that the poster has an interesting choice of background music for this ; doesnt seem to ‘fit’ , but as ‘True’ is one of my favourite songs, the first half of the vid was fine with me. Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous tho!

  4. Mike Jacobsen

    Great footage of some rare cars. Many etceterini; the lone Lancia competition coupe, Stagnoli’s swoop-fendered Ferrari and the one and only Abarth bodied 2 litre Ferrari with its central headlite (#28; Randy MacDougall thought he was getting this car). Who’s in the LeMans Frazer Nash?

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