BMW 2002 101

I’ve always loved them for their boxy, quintessential, even rudimentary “car shaped” silhouette, but it wasn’t until I spent some time in my buddy Paul’s 2002 that I realized what a sensational little machine it is. Even my dream garage is getting crowded but there’ll always be room for one of these.

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  1. Peter Linsky

    After experiencing a friend’s late ’68 ’02, I ordered a new ’69 and drove the hell out of it – some mixed-surface rallies and lots of autocrossing. While the car was somewhat underpowered, a set of adjustable Konis and some widened steel wheels transformed the handling and made it very competitive. A great road car with its big greenhouse and comfy seating. A weak second-gear synchro was my only complaint. Installing an M3 V8, five speed, LSD, and discs all around would make a perfect street machine.

  2. motoringconbrio

    Did I hear you correctly when you said an “M3 V8” would make a BMW 2002 a perfect street machine?

    If so, in what universe I wonder.

  3. Rich Stickley

    Is that woman at 2:45 driving in the ocean?! Don’t these cars have enough rust problems without driving them through the shore break?!

  4. motoringconbrio

    Car advertisers do the darndest things.

  5. Carlos Alvarez

    Totally agree!!! I have a 2002 INKA color that I’ve own since day1, bought it in August 1972 at a dealer in St. Louis, MO. It is a wonderful car to drive.

  6. Mike Jacobsen

    I rode in one from Paris to Rouen for the French GP in ’68; at one point a GP Delage with cycle fenders went by us. Every car on that road was being driven at its top speed! Alas, at the track we witnessed Schlesser’s fatal wreck, which was not due to driver error, but mechanical failure of the throttle or the brakes.

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