Masten Gregory and the Art of Looking Sharp

Masten Gregory at Sebring. 1960.

Every year we see a new collection from a fashion designer talking up his inspiration from Steve McQueen. My recommendation: Look to his countryman Masten Gregory. Dude was stylish. Seriously, when you can make two sets of goggles hanging around your neck look badass you’re doing something right.

Masten Gregory looking determined.

4 responses to “Masten Gregory and the Art of Looking Sharp”

  1. Anselmo Bandini says:

    Just recently finished reading Patrick Sinibaldis Masten Gregory biography , The Maverick. He was badass. Recommended reading

  2. John Wiley says:

    Anyone know where to find goggles like those? I just need one pair though.

  3. Chas. Porter says:

    He was a serious talent, winning Le Mans with Jochen Rindt in 1965.

  4. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Saw Masten race a couple of times–was looking forward to seeing him win at Pebble Beach in ’54 but he put his new Ferrari into the trees in practice. Riddell finished third in his C Type Jag. Are those two pair of goggles the same? Looks like maybe they are actually slightly different.

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