Shiny Doesn’t Win Races

1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300TI with black steel wheels

Similar to my love for the Momo Prototipo and Jaeger gauges, there is a kinship I feel with There’s something special about finding a solitary slice of perfection and watching it prove itself in situation after situation. What these items share is an innate ability to improve the aesthetic or performance of any car they’re added to. It’s as true for the Prototipo as it is for simple black steel wheels. Whether on modern Minis or vintage Porsches and BMWs, the desire to throw out unnecessary and frivolous (and oversized) chrome in favor of a more simple solution is a quick route to my heart. Keep at it, gentlemen.

Lancia Aurelia GT with black steel wheelsBMW 2002 with black steel wheels

7 responses to “Shiny Doesn’t Win Races”

  1. Captain Ned says:

    The Subie rocks the black steelies every winter, TPMS light be damned.

  2. Thanks for featuring our humble site guys.

    And Captain Ned: can we have a picture of your Subie please?

  3. Bradley C. Brownell says:

    Chrome won’t get you home.

  4. Unsprung weight is The Enemy.

  5. Captain Ned says:

    @Black Steelies:

    Where do you want them. Gotta warn you, it’s a working car in the middle of Vermont mud season in a dirt driveway and sees lots of dirt roads.

  6. You’re just making us like the sound of your Subie even more Capt Ned!
    You can send pictures to howdy(at)


  7. Captain Ned says:

    Pics sent. T-Bird can be dodgy with attachments so let me know if they don’t come through.

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