From the Suzy Dietrich Archive: 1958 Sebring

What better time than International Women’s Day to showcase more footage from the Suzy Dietrich archive? This time, the 1958 Sebring Endurance Race. Lots of great footage here from the pits of the competitors arriving. Can you imagine this year’s competitors showing up for the race weekend pulling their racing car on an open trailer behind their Cadillac. More should.

Again, many thanks to Cliff Reuter for snatching these precious film reels from the Suzy Dietrich auction and releasing them into the wild.


5 responses to “From the Suzy Dietrich Archive: 1958 Sebring”

  1. That is some GREAT footage. Thanks to Cliff Reuter for his hard work and to Harlo for the heads up! Reminds me of how vital the “small modified” field was in the Upper Midwest in the late ’50’s and early ’60’s: the Dietrichs, Al Beasley…

  2. …and “Doc” MRJ Wylie…

  3. Peter Linsky says:

    Thanks, Cliff! It’s interesting to note that the Lotuses had to have an actual folding top!

  4. Mike Jacobsen says:

    The “small modified” class, i.e., F, G and H mod also was always the largest entry in west coast races. after all, MGs were half the total entry of most events up to 1953 and 1/4 of them for another few years.

  5. DougD says:

    Hey, did you see the great Archie Scott-Brown at 3:10? He was a driver in Cunninham’s #10 Lister Jag

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