With a Full Range of Extras and Speed Equipment

Turner Ad

Buy Something Different.

This is not one of the ordinary “Run of the Mill” Sports Cars, but a car built to give you that little extra. RACE PROVED CHASSIS AND SUSPENSION THAT REALLY HOLDS THE ROAD.

The sleek body, with its sound all-weather equipment, is roomy and comfortable, and possesses a generously proportioned luggage boot. The instrument panel is fully equipped including a rev. counter, oil pressure gauge etc., and a heater is available.

Save Money.

Buy one of these in Kit Form.

Additional models are now available with Ford 105E or 109E engine and gearbox as well as the B.M.C. 950 c.c. and Coventry Climax 1220 c.c., together with a full range of extras and speed equipment.

Write for full information
Turner Sports Cars (Wolverhampton) LTD.
Municipal Aerodrome, Fendeford, Wolverhampton
Telephone: Fordhouses 3223

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  1. Rich says:

    I restored a Turner 950S in the 1980s. It was a great car on short tracks like Blackhawk. It is sitting in the back of Midwest Vee and for sale I think.

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