Pioneers in Racing Air Conditioning

Carlo Felice Trossi at the 1934 Nice GP

Stirling Moss in a Rob Walker Lotus 18 at the 1961 Monaco GP

Why swelter under the hot summer sun when you can have a cool breeze soothing you on a Sunday drive? Carlo Felice Trossi in his Alfa at the 1932 Nice GP and Moss in his Rob Walker Lotus 18 at 1961’s Monaco GP demonstrate.

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  1. Frank Levin

    I remember seeing that photo as a kid. I thought, “wow, what those macho racers put up with.” It seems in those days nursing a messed up car to the line was a primary skill.

  2. Pilote Ancien

    Moss says that Alf Francis discovered a cracked chassis tube just before the race was to start, and welded it on the starting grid (with the car full of fuel!). There was no time to replace the body panel before the race started.

  3. Francisco José Pellegrino

    Secondo mio amico Rogerio Daprá questa é la versione “VENTILATTA”…

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