1957 Cuban GP in Color

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  1. Robert E. Richer says:

    As I recall, this was when Fangio was kidnapped for a brief while by the Castro gang.

  2. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Yep–Castro did it; years later Fangio was entertained like Royalty by the same men, now all of them Ministers of the state. The race was stopped after a few laps when Cifuentes killed himself, and Moss passed Gregory during a red flag for the win. He offered to split the prize money with Masten.

    • Manel says:

      The above color pics belong to the 1957 Cuban G.P. won by J-M.F. with the red Maser 300S, nÂș 2 (chassis 3071S) shown. The Maestro was retained during the 1958 GP.

  3. Mandy Alvarez says:

    Fangio won the Cuban GP in 1957.
    He was kidnapped in 1958. Armando Garcia Cifuentes drove the Ferrari Testa Rossa into the crowd. Several spectators died. However Garcia Cifuentes is alive and well, and living in Madrid.
    I was there for both races, but it’s better explained by Joel Finn in Caribbean Capers.

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