5 responses to “McLaren”

  1. Vince Cappelletti says:

    Moving and worthy of sharing with other enthusiasts

  2. Captain Ned says:

    Shoot me if you will, but when I heard the narrator all I could think of was the narration that opened and closed The Road Warrior. It’s the same voice and, in a way, the same story.

    Great piece even if my bloviation is wrong.

  3. LordJim says:

    Anyone else a bit annoyed by this? How often have McLaren (or rather Project Four, if one is honest) acknowledged Bruce McLaren since Ron Dennis took over the team? Hell, the M in MP4 didn’t even originally stand for McLaren…

    There is only one reason that the team is still called McLaren and that reason is not because they want to honour the memory of Bruce McLaren.

  4. Automobiliac says:

    I agree with @LordJim that this is the first time I can recall the Ron Dennis happy smile factory acknowledging or paying homage to Bruce McLaren, except that they occasionalyl paint things (the wrong shade of ) orange. It is a moving video though, and about time for the company to go back to its roots. Bruce was a true tragic genius in the tradition of Frank Lockhart

  5. Chas. Porter says:

    Those words are Bruce McLaren’s words:

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