A School of Sharks

Ferrari 156s at the Italian Grand Prix

The world is a slightly dimmer place that there’s no authentic Sharknose on the planet. I will never fully understand, let alone appreciate, why Enzo had them destroyed after the season. At least we can stare longingly at this image of these gloriously breathtaking machines being unloaded from the transporter for Ferrari’s home race.

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  1. Pilote

    According to Wikipedia: #8 (in garage) Willy Mairesse, finished 4th; #2 Giancarlo Baghetti, finished 5th, #4 Ricardo Rodriguez, finished 14th (magneto), #10 Phil Hill, finished 11th, #6 Lorenzo Bandini, finished 8th. Mairesse was preceded home by Graham Hill (winner, BRM), Richie Ginther (BRM), and Bruce McLaren (Cooper). Tony Brooks calls the 1.5 liter cars “the go-kart Formula.” I take his point, but still love the Ferrari 156 and the Lotus 25.

  2. Pilote

    Oh. And the “organ pipe” BRM too.

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  4. Gary Mason

    Great pic, but too bad it doesn’t include a bit more at the left. I discovered, at the 1957 Grand Prix, that there is no garage number 13 there. I think – it has been a long time – that these were the garages used by Maserati at that race.

  5. Gary Mason

    I must apologize. I found my photo, and it was, in fact, the Ferrari garage in 1957 as well.

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