The Automotive Photography of Mathieu Bonnevie

"CHARVET" - Jaguar Type C, rue de la Paix, Paris.

It’s always inspiring to see such amazing work from a young photographer. Mathieu is only in his early 20s but possesses the sophisticated eye of a much more seasoned photographer. His Flickr stream has a wonderful assortment of shots in both professional studio setups and casual caught-on-the-street snaps. As you can see, I love those that are (or look like they are) chance meetings between the photographer and these amazing machines on Parisian boulevards. Sensational stuff.

"For the win" - BMW 30 CSL."911, E" - Porsche 911 E 2.4L."From another world" - Jaguar Type C, rue de la Paix, Paris.

More on Mathieu Bonnevie’s Flickr.

2 responses to “The Automotive Photography of Mathieu Bonnevie”

  1. Pilote Ancien says:

    Ecurie Ecosse C-Type! There’s some beautiful work in the Flickr stream.

  2. calhojoh says:

    Wonderful compositions makes these more than just pictures of cars or pictures of Paris.

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