Skill and Split-Second Timing

Eldon Selectronic Slot Cars Ad
A major electronic advance in road racing.

Now you can pass, switch lanes, and block your opponent! This is real switching and blocking that you operate by remote control. You can switch from the outside to the inside lane. Or vice versa. And if you get blocked, in either lane, you can switch to the free land and escape the traps. You’ll find yourself in dozens of real racing situations that call for skill and split-second timing. But, with the Eldon Selectronic Set, you’re in command. You control the speed. You control the switching. No matter which lane your car is in. No matter how many times you change lanes. That’s the secret of Eldon’s Selectronic Road Race Set. Your toy or hobby dealer will be happy to let you in on it.

Get the best deal in road racing—the low cost Eldon way.

Eldon Selectronic Road Racing.
Eldon Industries, Inc.
2701 W. El Segundo Blvd., Hawthorne Calif
Eldon Industries of Canada, LTD.
1315 Lawrence Ave East, Don Mills, Ontario

New starting flagman. Realistic action as this flagman drops his flag and automatically starts the race. Guaranteed fair starts and equal-timed races! Adjusts to fast or slow starts!

Big, realistic layout. 2 Testa Rosa Ferrari cars—switching and blocking with two remote control switch tracks, two rheostat switches with speedometers, lap counter, starting flagman, power pack, 28 pieces of track, bridge supports, fence and decal set included.

New lap counter. Eldon’s all new lap counter counts each car’s laps—no matter which track it’s on—no matter how many times you switch. Counts up to 50 laps!

Everything you need in one package. Pre-assembled track with pre-wired power track snaps together. 10 minutes without tools or glue. Enough track for many different layouts—even a cross-over bridge.

Join the Eldon International Road Racing Club. Fill out the attached coupon and join Eldon’s fast growing International Road Racing Club. Free membership card, racing news, 1963 accessory catalog, and other surprises! Organize your own neighborhood group!

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