Scenes from the 1929 Monaco Grand Prix

Race winner William Grover-Williams in a Bugatti T35B (12) alongside #22 Raoul de Rovin in a Delage 15S8

Every untouchable, unalterable tradition needs to start somewhere. For Monaco, the thankful holdout for the round-the-house Grand Prix, it was April 14, 1929.

1929 Monaco Grand Prix - Marcel Lehoux, Christian Dauvergne, Philippe √ČtancelinRudolf Caracciola in a Mercedes SSK at the 1929 Monaco Grand Prix1929 Monaco Grand Prix

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  1. Pilote Ancien

    Wonder if the Mercedes had special tie rods to get around the Lowe’s Hairpin?

  2. Mike Jacobsen

    Wonderful! Williams gives a sigh of relief at the end! And I’m sure Rudi didn’t need no special tie rods!

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