View From the Porsche Abarth Pits

Porsche & Abarth pits

I know I romanticize the past more that it deserves, but is there anyone who would rather hang out in a contemporary racing pit that in this slice of heaven? Anyone know the venue?

via Dede Porsche’s Facebook page

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  1. Paul Thompson

    It’s Nürburgring old Fahrerlager

  2. Pilote Ancien


    “Doing” ALMS this summer at Road America before the Grand Am merger wrecks the GT class. Will let you know about the paddock thing then. Thought the CART paddock at Road America was pretty cool.

  3. Pilote Ancien

    OK, Nurburgring. The camera doesn’t lie.

  4. Mick Havoc

    Oh Hell No!
    Book me a seat on the first outbound time machine-STAT!!

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