Better Hurry: 50’s Racing Kodachromes on eBay

Maserati Transporter. Monza 1957

This series of eBay auctions of LeMans, Milwaukee and other venues in the 1950s are marvelous. How can you not love that Kodachrome oversaturation? Some of these items are only available for the next 20 hours, so you’d better act fast. See them all at the eBay listings.

Bugatti at LeMansVintage Racing KodachromeLeMans

Vintage Racing Kodachrome

Vintage Racing KodachromeMonza 1957. Race of Two Worlds?Le Mans 1957

Thanks for sending these in, Erik.

4 responses to “Better Hurry: 50’s Racing Kodachromes on eBay”

  1. Charlie says:

    An Indy car at Monza in the 50’s?
    John Zink owned Indy cars that ran the 500 from 1952 to the 70’s and won in 1955
    What would his car be doing in Italy
    Maybe it’s really Gasoline Alley

  2. Charlie says:

    Gotta love the info on the Web
    Zink ran cars at Monza in 57 & 58.
    Indy cars vs Formula 1

  3. john says:

    Thats what I get for not checking The Chicane every day…I snooze, I lose. All gone at the link given. 🙁 If there were more there than shown, and a reader here got them, would you please share and show them?

  4. Mike Jacobsen says:

    The Race of Two Worlds–not Indy vs F1, but Indy vs. anything the Europeans could put together: the first year two D Jags and a Lister Jag open wheeler, a 4.1 Ferrari Spl with which Musso led for a time,and a 3.0 Ferrari Spl, the second year a Maserati Spl. for Moss, but the european effort just wasn’t up to the tried and true Offy roadsters.

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