Race of Two Worlds

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  1. Simon says:

    Great footage! Interesting to note they are going the ‘wrong’ way round. Was that to accommodate the Americans?

  2. Anselmo Bandini says:

    Bira’s Maserati looks like Bill Milliken’s famous camber car on 4:33 when the car is leaving the pit. What a camber angles!

  3. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Jean Behra–not Prince Bira, tho the latter last raced in a 250F Maser.

  4. Gary Mason says:

    I just found this site today – thanks! I attended both of these races – 1957 and 1958. My two outstanding memories are the sound of the Novi in 1957- standing on the inside of the parabolica, which focused the sound, and it was deafening! And you were practically looking straight down into the cockpit. The other is also from 1957, when, as the cars arrived back at the start at the end of lap 1, it was the three Ecurie Ecosse D-Types, a lot of time, and then the Indy cars. Of course the road gearboxes in the Jags accounted for that. Second lap – the reverse. All the Indy cars, then the Jags. In 1958, the big custom built Maserati driven by Moss lost its steering during the race, and the parabolica allowed him to simply drift down to the bottom safely, so it worked. And yes, the Indy cars were built with offsets and other concessions to the way we race here, and could not be used in the clockwise direction. The Jags and other Euro cars didn’t care.

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