Ingenuity in Action

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  1. Captain Ned says:

    Chris Economaki in 1959. Damn, that was a much simpler time.


    This is how I cut my teeth as a kid growing up in Jersey and racing backyard creations at Island Dragway. A bunch of us went there in August of ’64 to run a friends’ brand new hacked up Chevelle and wound up blowing the rear the same day Don Garlits broke the 2000 mph mark there. We had nothing but fun back then.


    Obviously, I meant 200 below…not 2000 mph. LOL

  4. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Fabulous. First note that the writer and director, H. Haile Chace, was a regular competitor in California sports Car races in the 50s, and not incidentally was the real driver of the Woodill Wildfire in the film “Johnny Dark” at Santa Barbara in ’53. I loved those shots of Rte 66–Barstow, Gallup andamarillo, and that blessed toll booth on the Turner Turnpike–I went thru there towing to the PVGP the last 3 years running! MJ

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