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I can’t get over the details in this marvelous shot of a Porsche 550 grabbing some new rubber. The stenciled racing number. The chain-link barn doors on the Dunlop Racing Service truck. The tire tech pressing a tire onto the rim with a piece of plywood serving as a shop floor. The simplicity. Gorgeous.

The Porsche ain’t bad either.

I can’t find a source for this photo. If you know anything more about it, leave a comment.

Update: Over on Facebook, Joe Camilleri suggests that this was in Australia. In the comments below, Andrew goes one further. Confirming Australia (Phillip Island race track in Victoria Australia in 1957) and even identifies the specific Porsche Spyder as chassis 550-0056. He should know, his is an authoritative source on all things Spyders. Thanks guys!

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  1. The photo was taken at Phillip Island race track in Victoria Australia in 1957. The spyder is 550-0056. I also have similar photos to this at PI

    thanks Andrew

    • Harlo says:

      Somehow I suspected you would know, Andrew. I even went over to your site to see if I could find the same photo there. Thankfully you came by here to solve it.

  2. Always happy to help – look forward to your blogs. You can find it here on my facebook page –

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