Perle di Fangio

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  1. This was the 1954 season. Mercedes did not have the W-196 and the 300SLR ready yet, so Fangio was free to drive for Lancia in the Carrera Panamerica. I heard Bracco’s name mentioned a couple of times, probably in connection with the video of the Ferrari 340 America. He was a Mille Miglia specialist. Also a brief shot of Stirling Moss retiring his private Maserati 250 F at Monza. Great vid; better clarity than most that old.

  2. Mandy Alvarez says:

    I wish ESPN,Speed and the publications would cover tLa Carrera Panamericana ,
    It runs every October
    Merry Xmas
    Mandy Alvarez
    Coral Gables Fl

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