A Racing Mini Reborn

Here’s something we can all get behind. Gary Snider last raced “Old Red” 30 years ago. Now, this lovely Mini is moving under her own power for the first time since. I’m so glad when these kinds of videos found they’re way online. There’s nothing like seeing a racing machine take her first ginger steps; like a newborn deer hinting at the mighty stag she’ll become. Looks to my eye like she’ll be ready to run with the rest of the VSCR next season.

Found via VSCR’s Facebook feed.

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  1. VSCR

    Met a new member today. Welcome Gary! We look forward to seeing you on the track with your Mini. Here’s a preview as his car moves under it’s own power for the first time in 20+ years.

  2. Tom Moran

    Tom Moran liked this on Facebook.

  3. Pilote Anciens

    I owned a 1960 Mini 850 for two years, 1966-1967, before 1) I bounced it (softly) off a bridge and 2) it burned a valve. It went to a salvage yard. Have often hoped that it was a parts car for resurrections like this one.

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