Raised in the Pits

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  1. Captain Ned says:

    I can see Graham, Phill Hill, and Jimmy Clark in “The Uncles” pic. Anyone want to fill in the other 3?

  2. Edmund says:

    The bald fellow is Moss if I’m not mistaken. The other two are anybody’s guess.
    P.S. I appreciate the heavy Graham Hill content as of late, he’s my favourite old time driver.

  3. Harlo says:

    That’s Jo Bonnier next to Graham, yes?

  4. E law says:

    I see Hulm moss Clark hill

  5. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Sorry-Phil is not present. L to R they are: McLaren, Moss, Brooks, G. Hill, Bonnier, Von Trips.

  6. Captain Ned says:

    If the furthest right is von Trips, that picture had to have been taken very close to the fateful race at Monza. Damon was born 17 Sep 1960 and the Monza crash was 10 Sep 1961.

  7. Richard Scroggs says:

    FYI….The ‘uncles’ photo was taken at Damon’s christening.

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