John Fitch. 1917—2012.

Whether you love him as the heroic WWII fighter pilot, the American pioneer in European road racing, or as an advocate for motorsport safety—it’s a tremendous loss. Not a lot of drivers of his era made it to 95. RIP, John.

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  1. Carlos Alvarez

    A great loss to car racing! RIP

  2. RR

    Fantastic human being. So sad to see another of his generation go. To think we will not see him drive through the paddock again at Lime Rock in his Fitch Phoenix is almost unbearable. He will always be there in spirit.

  3. Mike Jacobsen

    A great American. As impressive as were John’s accomplishments on the track, his accomplishments off it were greater, as a WWII fighter pilot, as an advocate and designer of safety equipment for our highways, and many others. When I showed John (5 years ago at a F50s dinner at the Peterson) a rather poor photo I took of him with my Kodak Brownie at March Field in 1963, he waxed enthusiastic and chatted for some time despite all the other fans waiting at our elbows for a piece of him. They all eventually got it!

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