Moss and McQueen

Not much information available on these photographic lots from the upcoming Heritage Auctions Vintage Movie Poster and Signature Auction in Dallas next month.

Whether McQueen was taking in (what looks to me like) the 1965 Monaco Grand Prix as research for his potential role in Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix, or—more likely—just because he was a fan, I don’t know. But since this workshop photo is from ’63, and they were photographed together at Brands Hatch in ’62, it seems to me more like a couple of pals taking in the races.

3 responses to “Moss and McQueen”

  1. danr says:

    Who is the other gentelman that appears in all of the same photos?

  2. Ryan says:

    The one from ’65 could, in addition to being old friends talking, be research for his role in the competitor to Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix “Day of the Champion,” which was sadly never realized. That aborted movie was the reason there was no Nurburgring footage in Grand Prix, as the reels of film shot there by Frankenheimer had to be turned over to the crew working on McQueen’s movie.

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