As Smooth as it is Brutal

Music to Charm a Cobra!

The incredible roar of a Ford “289 High Performance” V-8 being tested at peak R.P.M. on the Shelby American engine dyno! A powerful, thundering, bellow that has shaken the ground and reverberated in a million thrilled road racing fans from LeMans to Riverside. A sound as smooth as it is brutal; the culmination of thousands of hours of research, testing, and development, to field the most fantastic production sports car the world has ever known, the Cobra! It’s the sound of precision engineering… of victory!

Cobra powered by Ford

Shelby American, Inc. 1042 Princeton Drive, Venice, California

One response to “As Smooth as it is Brutal”

  1. Mick Havoc says:

    Growing up in the 60’s as a Ford fan in a sea of Chevy enthusiasts I thought Carroll Shelby was a god! My family always bought Fords. In my neighborhood, that was heresy. Thanks to Shelby American, I could always hold my head high.

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