Magnus Walker: Urban Outlaw.

Some may not agree with Magnus Walker using the downtown Los Angeles streets as a personal racetrack—and I know some of you are going to have a fit about his crossing the double yellow a few times in this documentary on Magnus and his cars by Tamir Moscovici. I don’t think I’d be able to resist it either if I was behind the wheel of one these machines on a lonely seaside road.

I’ll give the man this, he’s got excellent taste.

The modifications that he does to his long-hoods makes me want an early 911 in the worst possible way. You’ll see in this video a segment of Magnus telling a story of him as a 10-year-old sending the Porsche a factory a letter about becoming a designer for the brand; and getting a response telling him to give them a call when he’s a bit older. When I see Magnus hand distressing the leather pull handle he’s just finished sewing, I wouldn’t be surprised if Porsche AG is eagerly awaiting that call.

You can have your Singer, I’ll take Magnus’ lighter touch on the early 911.

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8 responses to “Magnus Walker: Urban Outlaw.”

  1. Carol Quiniou says:

    I love this guy! As Shinya is to Motorcyclces…Magnus is to Porsche…:-)

  2. PANOS J. PASSALIS says:

    an inspiration to wanna be serious porsche collectors

  3. Jose Lopez says:

    This is an Cool Vid but why doesn’t he take an haircut unmangle it and shave. Of Course Guys in Corvettes never look like this,but surprisingly The way he looks for an porsche Guy he doesn’t look the part.

    • Harlo says:

      Totally disagree, Jose. Aside from his spectacular builds, it’s the stark contrast from “typical” Porsche guys that I like about the dude. Keep living the good life, Magnus.

  4. Automobiliac says:

    I have a deep admiration for this guy and how he lives his life. It’s just great to see someone who lets his passion overflow into everything he does. Too many people compartmentalize their lives, but he lives it in a pure way and I think that is why he has such a following.

    On a separate note, I wonder how he avoids getting his hair and beard tangled in the sewing machine or any of his shop tools! It looks like a serious safety hazard!

  5. Phil says:

    And yes. He looks like a real Porsche guy. After all we are just Fahrvergnügen air cooled hippies.

    Phil Knudsen

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