Looking Good, Alberto.

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  1. Captain Ned says:

    This is completely off-topic for Alberto Ascari, but today Lola Cars ceased to exist through bankruptcy.

    I only mention it because of the Lola T70 in the banner.

  2. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Ned: What???? Where? In this photo of Ascari who died at Monza in 1955? Are you seeing things? I’m trying to find it !

  3. Harlo says:

    Mike, I think Ned means that very top “The Chicane” photo header. There are a number of photos that rotate on page load—one of which is a T70.

  4. José Wellington Porto says:

    The laurel belongs to old times manners, when men were more important than machines and sponsors. Times when persons skills prevailed over economic questions, when dare and intellect prevailed over team tactics and court decisions…
    Electronic decisions are more important today than man decisions and probably there will be times when a pilot will be only a passenger in his vehicle that will be drived by wire and handled by push buttons…Ascari belongs to hero’s times… and it’s fair that he could be awarded with a olympic remembrance, the laurel, an ancient roman and greek way to distinguish the heroes and athletes from common men…

  5. PHC says:

    This is a Bernard Cahier/Cahier Archive photo. A credit mention would be good manners, imho.

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