G. Hill Looking Beyond Bad-Ass

If this photo of Graham Hill isn’t the original photograph, I don’t want to know. I don’t want to believe that this was just desaturated and cooled in Photoshop. I want to continue believing that this photo is the kind of thing Instagram strives to achieve with it’s technology, not the result of digital retouching.

The hues. The angles. The drama. I can’t reasonably articulate why it matters to me whether this shot was composed “in camera” or on a laptop. It just does.

Thanks, Sex, Drugs n Rack & Pinion.

7 responses to “G. Hill Looking Beyond Bad-Ass”

  1. Edmund says:

    Graham Hill is top shelf all the way.

  2. Peter Linsky says:

    Remember national racing colors, no wings, no sponsors, skinny treaded tires, spaghetti tubing posing as a rollbar, a pop-open fuel filler a foot from the driver’s hands,and best of all, the fact that you could actually see the driver? The downside, of course, is that many drivers had short careers and violent fiery ends in that era.

  3. Captain Ned says:

    Yes. It was the 1967 Lotus 49. Pinnacle of F1 in my opinion.

    As for the pic, I’m hoping it’s simply mid-’60s vintage film stock that wasn’t Kodachrome.

    Oh, and the car is a BRM P261, which Graham drove in 1964-1966 prior to heading to Lotus and the 49.


  4. Nigel McKeone says:

    Although I still watch it, only now do I realise that Grand Prix Racing,for me, died with Graham Hill.
    Clark was the Ultimate racer, Hill was the Ultimate.
    I admired them both very much.

  5. Frank Levin says:

    I think I remember seeing this shot in a magazine when I was kid fascinated with F-1. The helmet I wore when I raced karts was done up like Graham’s. Thanks for the memories.

  6. Jerry says:

    No, this is the way the photo looks like 50 years later when you find it in the bottom drawer of your desk.

  7. Automobiliac says:

    Putting aside the exposure, that is a hell of a great composition!

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