Robo Moss 9000

Comic book artist and character designer Jon Haward was commissioned to create this life-size standup of Sir Stirling Moss for the Goodwood Revival this year. We all knew that Stirling drove like a machine, but this may start to explain some things.

I flipped through some of the Goodwood Revival programmes and ephemera from this year’s event today and I am continually impressed by the commitment to authenticity and to evoking the period so brilliantly by the entire Goodwood team. Jon’s piece here is no exception.

When he was contacted by the branding and design team at Northstar Publishing, who are responsible for much of the Revival’s graphic look, they already had many of the details sorted. As Jon says, it “had to look as if it was from The Eagle comic from the 1950’s, the idea was to show Sir Stirling as a kind of cyborg with a computer for a brain, gears and springs and engine for his legs and chest etc.”

A bit eccentric? A bit specific? Perfectly of the era? Perfectly perfect?


More of Jon Haward’s process on this piece on his blog.

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