Wise Words from Mario

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  1. Wm. Longyard says:

    What’s that presidential emblem patch he’s wearing?

  2. Roger says:

    I’m pretty sure the patch would be the President’s Council on Fitness and Sports, or whatever it was called back then. High-profile American athletes would have been part of that.

  3. Captain Ned says:

    Yeah, I remember an ugly polyester track suit from the early ’70s with that emblem on it. Dad thought it a good idea to buy one for all of us. Worn once for the picture then hidden in the deepest recesses of the closet.

  4. RudyD says:

    I like Mario’s story better about always forgetting how to soften or stiffen the front roll bar: “Mario, always remember: If you put it in, it’s stiff, if you put it out, it’s soft.”

  5. Pascal Ickx says:

    Great image, the pilot coming back to the pits with his steering wheel in hand. I’m sure Mario is also a good ‘connoisseur’ of strips and cartoons ; 😉 This image remembers me of Russell Brockbank, unbeaten cartoonist of the automobile and its ‘chauffeur’.Hope Brockbank has his page somewhere. R.I.P. Russell.

  6. José Wellington Porto says:

    Probably Emerson Fittipaldi don’t agrees with Mario but José Carlos Pace could surely agree with him…

  7. Mick Havoc says:

    He is my favorite driver of all time, but it once was said that “Mario could break an anvil with a rubber hammer.”

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