Wise Words from Mario

“If you don’t come walking back to the pits every once in a while holding a steering wheel in your hands, you’re not trying hard enough” — Mario Andretti

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  1. Wm. Longyard

    What’s that presidential emblem patch he’s wearing?

  2. Roger

    I’m pretty sure the patch would be the President’s Council on Fitness and Sports, or whatever it was called back then. High-profile American athletes would have been part of that.

  3. Captain Ned

    Yeah, I remember an ugly polyester track suit from the early ’70s with that emblem on it. Dad thought it a good idea to buy one for all of us. Worn once for the picture then hidden in the deepest recesses of the closet.

  4. RudyD

    I like Mario’s story better about always forgetting how to soften or stiffen the front roll bar: “Mario, always remember: If you put it in, it’s stiff, if you put it out, it’s soft.”

  5. Pascal Ickx

    Great image, the pilot coming back to the pits with his steering wheel in hand. I’m sure Mario is also a good ‘connoisseur’ of strips and cartoons ; 😉 This image remembers me of Russell Brockbank, unbeaten cartoonist of the automobile and its ‘chauffeur’.Hope Brockbank has his page somewhere. R.I.P. Russell.

  6. José Wellington Porto

    Probably Emerson Fittipaldi don’t agrees with Mario but José Carlos Pace could surely agree with him…

  7. Mick Havoc

    He is my favorite driver of all time, but it once was said that “Mario could break an anvil with a rubber hammer.”

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