Maserati Tipo 151 Meeting the Tires at Goodwood

The bad news: Joe Colasacco’s rather non-dramatic spin in Lawrence Auriana’s Maserati 151 at Goodwood banged her up pretty badly.

The good news: It probably won’t be cheap, but she looks pretty repairable.

I can’t imagine how nerve racking it must be to drive someone else’s £10Million car in these events and how overcome with guilt I would feel if I followed Joe’s line here.

There’s not too much to fault him for either (although on replay it looks like overcooked it a bit—he can’t really have been trying to pass on the outside here, can he?). It was a wet (JJ and Automobiliac have said in the comments that it was dry despite the gloomy appearance) race and he just nudges the rear onto the grass, spinning immediately. In a lot of tracks, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal. It’s part of what makes Goodwood so precious, but it also illustrates why the rest of the tracks in the world have changed so much in the meantime.

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  1. Erick Zanner says:

    I am reminded of a saying about not racing something that you cannot afford to wad up…

  2. Heath says:

    Sir Stirling Moss did something similiar with his million dollar RS60 last year, didn’t he? No one wants to crash a vintage piece of art – but kudos to the owners who are willing to take that risk so the rest of can enjoy them the way they were meant to be enjoyed – in motion!!

  3. Automobiliac says:

    I was there. It was not a wet race at all. The track was 100% dry despite the clouds. The irony was that Colesacco had had a brilliant victory in the formula junior race the previous day so perhaps he was feeling a little more bold than usual. I feel sorry for the guy. Crashing that car must have killed his soul a little bit.

  4. jj says:

    Have been there too, exactly at Madgwick – and you could see this happen while he still was on the straight. Too fast, too eager, too far left – and off he went. He could have waited a few seconds longer and passed the others before St. Mary. And as sais before: absolutely dry track on Sunday.

    In the last lap the Aston Marting Zagato crashed just 50 meters further ahead – lots of Kleinholz this year …

  5. Yep it was definitely dry. A huge shame this, a beautiful car. You have to imagine that the start point will be to determine if the chassis has been bent, if so, a lot of work ahead.

  6. Racer X says:

    Appears to be an ill advised and somewhat aggressive move around the outside with treacherous wet grass waiting if you wag the tail a bit. I may not have attempted this in someone else’s car but probably would have tried it in my own. Kudos to the owner of the car and the driver for the courage to “race” this old girl and live with the consequences.

  7. Ben says:

    yeah it was dry ,so what,he got a corner on the grass and she came around,thats what happens.Quite a wallop looking at the footage,but not much damage considering. No trouble to fix that.

  8. Edmund says:

    Comes with the territory I suppose. Can’t say I feel bad for any millionaire. The car? Well that’s another story. She’ll get put right again no doubt.

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