A Bit of Starter Fluid and an Auto Union Type C

Now I feel a bit better about my use of starter fluid. It must not be the crutch I thought it was if it’s good enough for a Silver Arrow at this year’s Goodwood Revival.

Majestic sound.

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  1. Peter Linsky

    Glorious music!

  2. Frank Levin

    Yow! What a sound. Frank Biela seemed entranced.

  3. Heath

    Sounds JUST LIKE my TR4…. if you squished four TR4’s together…

  4. Robert E. Richer

    What a symphony!

  5. Ronald Sieber

    Ah! Just smell the castor oil….

  6. Gary Mason

    Exactly! I hardly ever experience that smell any more. But it is very obvious when I do. 🙂

  7. Erick Zanner

    Just like how we do it …. with our MGA!
    I would imagine they are using super special MB starter fluid?

  8. Vic (SuperNinety)

    A majestic sound. What a privilege to see the silver arrows on track together.

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