Monza Then and Now(ish)

With footage from Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix, onboard Formula 1 footage from 2007, and some handheld camera on foot, motorsport and surfing video team Norwell 9 Productions explores the stark differences and occasional similarities between the Autodromos Nazionale Monza of 1966 and 2007.

I suspect you know which version I favor, but it’s the occasional commonality that really stand out for me here. In what is ordinarily a study of contrasts, Norwell 9 does a good job of capturing the places where Monza has held on to her past, rather than tossing them all out with the banking.

Hang in there through the split screen comparisons towards the end.

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  1. Erick Zanner

    My mom drug me to that movie when I was a little tike – I walked out changed for life! All my friends were into Cudas and Mustangs and I was babbling on about Ferraris. Have loved F1 and sports cars ever since. Best movie ever!

  2. rdsieber

    I still run that old movie every now and then. I suffer through the limp “character” scenes to get a glimpse of the period racing and awesome historical context of GP racing in the 60s: the people, the cars, the culture. Awesome!

  3. Angus

    Racing has changed; the tracks, the cars, the attitude. Sure it’s safer but I’m not sure it’s “better.” I’m perfectly happy racing a 1969 Merlyn in a field of vintage Formula Ford’s at Hallett (a track stuck in the late 60s/early 70s).

  4. Mike Jacobsen

    In 1968 I was able to drive the track except for the banking; my Italian friends the Gargottas took me from Milan to Monza to look at the medieval cathedral; passing the park we decided to picnic there, near the banking underpass. It looked then just as in the film (which I did not see when first out). I actually like the racing scenes (I mean the real footage) in The Racers better. The views of Reims are especially good.

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