The Better Things in Life

An eye for the better things in life


For BETTER Performance
For BETTER Economy of Operation
For BETTER Handling and Braking
For BETTER Value and Service
For BETTER Times and More Fun
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Gardena, California

8 responses to “The Better Things in Life”

  1. Captain Ned says:

    Better. In what world is this definition correct?

    Still and always infested with the Prince of Darkness. Ditching the TR-6 was much like ditching a boat, as I no longer had a hole into which I poured money.

    I blame post-war British trade unionism. Too bad BL was unrecoverable when Maggie thwacked the unions.

  2. Bill says:

    There is nothing wrong with Lucas electrics so long as your ignition system is not Lucas. My Volvo 1800 had no problems (Bosch ignition) and my Spitfire was fine once I changed to the Mallory ignition.

  3. Captain Ned says:

    Possibly. Those of harder hearts in the Jag crowd replaced the entire kit & kaboodle with a GM 350 & Delco electronics.

    If I ever again somehow feel the urge to own a ’40s-’70s British car, the first task will be to expunge in all ways the Prince. I’m way too old to be standing over an engine bay in a driving rain banging on the voltage regulator in the vain hope it would unstick and actually allow voltage to flow through the system. Revving to redline at every stoplight to avoid the stall from which you can’t recover got a little old.

  4. Dick says:

    Ya just gotta keep the smoke from escaping the systen!!!

  5. Lenny says:

    We own a 1970 Triumph GT6+. It’s never been restored, so it’s a survivor. Knock on wood, for the 8+ yrs we’ve owned it, the GT6 has never stranded us anywhere, even though the wiring is Lucas. Just so you know, we drive it a lot, every chance we get in the summer. My husband did replace the grounding ends because they’re made of very cheap, easily chorosive metal. Our little sports car works like a charm, and purrs like a kitten.

  6. Wayne says:

    Most electrical problems with Lucas can be traced to faulty grounds. Show me a 40+ year-old domestic vehicle that has no electrical issues and I’ll show you a Radio Flyer wagon! I used to work on brand new GM vehicles in the 80’s and they were plagued with electrical problems – Lucas doesn’t have a monopoly on darkness.

  7. Mike Jacobsen says:

    I agree with Wayne. First, I drove a Singer 1500, MG TD, Triumph TR 3, and Spitfire all for 50-100K miles when new and never had any significant electrical problems and never was stranded by any of them. I did no special maintenance on any. I did carry an extra SU fuel pump with the MGs. The TR 3’s only problem was always running hot. The Spitfire’s Stromberg carb always gave trouble and was replaced by a Weber. I also had a new Ford and new Chevy during those years; the former needed a new starter motor every 15K miles, the latter a new clutch same. MJ

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