Factories at Work: Shelby-American Skins a Cobra

This set seems appropriate as we all catch our breath from Cobra’s celebration at the Monterey Historics. I often wonder if precious racing artifacts like this body buck for the Daytona Coupe are sitting under a tarp in a forgotten corner of a forgotten warehouse.

Whenever I see the wooden grid of one of these body bucks, or even a clay blank for a fiberglass mold, I am overcome with the desire to learn how to do this.

via The Henry Ford Museum’s Dave Friedman collection.

Update: In the comments, Fab says that some of these photos are of the body buck for the AC Coupe and not the Daytona Coupe. Looking at the rear end of the buck, I think he may be right. I hate when I do that.

3 responses to “Factories at Work: Shelby-American Skins a Cobra”

  1. Wm. Longyard says:

    More, more, more! One of your best posts, yet. I wonder if they TIGed or gas welded the panels together?

  2. Fab says:

    Top pictures, this is the AC Coupe body buck from england.

    This is not the Cobra Daytona Coupe body buck.

  3. Edmund says:

    So that’s how it’s done! I can pull that off in my shed.

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