First Race Commences 11.30 a.m.

Motor Racing
Warwick Farm
Sunday, 5th August

See an action-packed programme of motor racing at the Nation’s leading circuit. Feature event is a 15-lap Championship Race for Formula Juniors. Others include a 10-lap event for racing cars under and over 1500cc’s, as well as races for sports cars and touring cars. First race commences 11.30 a.m. Ample parking—snack bars and quick-service luncheons. Reservations phone 29-6409.

Promoters: AARC, 184 Sussex St., Sydney

Practice Day—Saturday, 4th August—Admission Adults 3/-, Children 1/-

Warwick Farm Motor Racing.

The ad doesn’t mention a year, but the only year in which August 5th was a Sunday that makes sense is 1962.

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