First Race Commences 11.30 a.m.

Motor Racing
Warwick Farm
Sunday, 5th August

See an action-packed programme of motor racing at the Nation’s leading circuit. Feature event is a 15-lap Championship Race for Formula Juniors. Others include a 10-lap event for racing cars under and over 1500cc’s, as well as races for sports cars and touring cars. First race commences 11.30 a.m. Ample parking—snack bars and quick-service luncheons. Reservations phone 29-6409.

Promoters: AARC, 184 Sussex St., Sydney

Practice Day—Saturday, 4th August—Admission Adults 3/-, Children 1/-

Warwick Farm Motor Racing.

The ad doesn’t mention a year, but the only year in which August 5th was a Sunday that makes sense is 1962.

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  1. Dave Seyse

    In 1970 I was on the USS America and returning to the US after our time in the Tonkin Gulf. I had met a bunch of car nuts when we were in Sydney on a previous adventure in 1968 and made arrangements to meet them againg. We had written back and forth and knew it was a race weekend. As such my pals and I got ourselves out to Warwick garm and attended the races and met up with our Aussie friends. We were in uniform and were treated like we were someone special. Had a wonderful time. I remember a Chevy El Camino that had it’s cargo area filled with ice and cold beer. I have lost track of the Australian frineds and only remember the name Leon Pedzik who had a very nice black 1955 Chevy with right hand drive and a built 327 engine. Great place, Warwick Farm.

  2. leon pedzik

    good to hear from you after all the long years. hope you are in good health would love to hear from you. my mobile no. is 0407417100 and would like a contact number for you

  3. Dave Seyse

    Leon–WOW–super to find you. How can I get my email address without posting it for the ret of the world to see?

  4. Jim Stevens/Blade Cutter

    Dave Seyse, im Jim Stevens, Grandson of Samuel B. Stevens. I saw a post on Old Motor from You to me concerning Your writings on Sam’s racing @ Ormond Beach. I asked webmaster David G. to please send my email & cell # to You.
    Im in So Cal, near March AFB. You can contact me through my Brother Mike..
    Plane Fax
    I Hope we make contact,
    Sincerely, Jim

  5. Leon Pedzik

    Hi Dave, it’s Leon. Are u still on this chat group? Would be good to talk again someday

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