First Race Commences 11.30 a.m.

Motor Racing
Warwick Farm
Sunday, 5th August

See an action-packed programme of motor racing at the Nation’s leading circuit. Feature event is a 15-lap Championship Race for Formula Juniors. Others include a 10-lap event for racing cars under and over 1500cc’s, as well as races for sports cars and touring cars. First race commences 11.30 a.m. Ample parking—snack bars and quick-service luncheons. Reservations phone 29-6409.

Promoters: AARC, 184 Sussex St., Sydney

Practice Day—Saturday, 4th August—Admission Adults 3/-, Children 1/-

Warwick Farm Motor Racing.

The ad doesn’t mention a year, but the only year in which August 5th was a Sunday that makes sense is 1962.

5 responses to “First Race Commences 11.30 a.m.”

  1. Dave Seyse says:

    In 1970 I was on the USS America and returning to the US after our time in the Tonkin Gulf. I had met a bunch of car nuts when we were in Sydney on a previous adventure in 1968 and made arrangements to meet them againg. We had written back and forth and knew it was a race weekend. As such my pals and I got ourselves out to Warwick garm and attended the races and met up with our Aussie friends. We were in uniform and were treated like we were someone special. Had a wonderful time. I remember a Chevy El Camino that had it’s cargo area filled with ice and cold beer. I have lost track of the Australian frineds and only remember the name Leon Pedzik who had a very nice black 1955 Chevy with right hand drive and a built 327 engine. Great place, Warwick Farm.

    • leon pedzik says:

      good to hear from you after all the long years. hope you are in good health would love to hear from you. my mobile no. is 0407417100 and would like a contact number for you

      • Dave Seyse says:

        Leon–WOW–super to find you. How can I get my email address without posting it for the ret of the world to see?

    • Jim Stevens/Blade Cutter says:

      Dave Seyse, im Jim Stevens, Grandson of Samuel B. Stevens. I saw a post on Old Motor from You to me concerning Your writings on Sam’s racing @ Ormond Beach. I asked webmaster David G. to please send my email & cell # to You.
      Im in So Cal, near March AFB. You can contact me through my Brother Mike..
      Plane Fax
      I Hope we make contact,
      Sincerely, Jim

    • Leon Pedzik says:

      Hi Dave, it’s Leon. Are u still on this chat group? Would be good to talk again someday

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