The Body of the Magic Touch

The Fantastic Bocar XP-5

Square tubular space frame for springs $795.00

Round 4130 chrome-moly space frame for torsion bars $995.00

The body of the magic touch…. $598

Finished cars from …. $3800

Aerodynamic to 200 M.P.H. · Beautiful — Functional · Spacious Interiors · Optional Hardtops · 7 Optional Suspension Systems · Available for Immediate Delivery.

Designed, Manufactured & Distributed by — Bocar of Denver. Write or Phone:

Bocar Mfg. Co. 1240 Harlan Street, Dept. MT4. Denver, Colorado, BElmont 7-2217

5 responses to “The Body of the Magic Touch”

  1. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Who knows how many of these were built/sold by Carnes? I’ve seen two, only one with this body (the other a “stiletto”). MJ

  2. Ted Sodergren says:

    Saw this a while ago…sent in my check for the finished car. It came back as “nondeliverable”. Aww…the fun is gone and so are the bargains.

  3. Jose Lopez,30,Miami says:

    Most Bocar(short for Bob Carnes) were Chevy powered,saw one closeup at Sebring 06′.Love them.

  4. Carol Mason says:

    We had one of these gorgeous and very rare cars at the inaugural Bahamas Speed Week Revival last year. It almost literally blew the socks off the locals and its owner, Mike Fisher, had so much fun he’s a very welcome Entrant at this year’s event too. If you would like to see more, why not take a look at our website (due to be upgraded by the end of August) More information and Entry Packs are available from

  5. john says:

    Most were indeed Chevrolet powered. However, there was one running around the South-and-Mid-West for a short period [slightly before my time] that was motivated by a supercharged Pontiac… Regrettably, I don’t have a photo, but friends who saw it said it was quite ‘inspiring’ ; sideways out of a corner, exhaust bellowing and supercharger whining!

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