Alfetta or Wee-Alfetta?

Browsing through the archives on Silodrome I spotted this amazing photo of a naked 1951 Alfa Romeo Tipo 159 Alfetta and was enthralled with the beauty of this machine’s lines under the bodywork. All that riveted aluminum… How could I not fall in love?

Then something made me think that I’m actually looking at the Exoto model of the Alfetta. Something about the photo style planted in my mind the idea that this isn’t the real deal. Have I just had some mistaken Inception-style conviction of an illusion?

I guess this speaks to the quality of scale models available today that I can’t tell the difference.

2 responses to “Alfetta or Wee-Alfetta?”

  1. Chris Kleckner says:

    Exoto makes some very nicely detailed 1:18 scaled models.

  2. Automobiliac says:

    This car is the one that belongs to the Alfa Museum. They have a bare chassis one on display.

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