Moroccan GP, 1958

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  1. rdsieber says:

    To answer your question:
    It would take a gabillion bucks to do stage a race there, as you have to pay off Bernie and all his crew just to get started. And then there’s everything else.

    Ah, what ever happened to the good ‘ol days? Life was simpler and a whole lot less costly…

  2. Chris Kleckner says:

    rdsieber makes a good point, especially about Mr. Ecclestone. Even though Bernie’s been on the racing scene since he started in the forties, it seems F1 costs have risen exponentially since the early seventies when he bought out a stake in Brabham and established FOCA.

  3. Good times! I think I still have some photos from this F1 season lying around somewhere, should post them on my blog some time soon. Fabulous shapes back then!

  4. Aania says:

    I watched this on YouTube and I liked the concept of the cars at that time. I would so want to see such a car race again which is interesting to watch 🙂



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