Triumph Spitfire Engine Rebuild Doesn’t Look So Hard…

…When it does it itself.

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  1. Captain Ned

    It’s a Triumph motor. It’ll be that oil-sodden within the first 50 miles.

  2. Automobiliac

    That is absolutely Brilliant!! Bravo on the hard work!

  3. Heath

    Pretty Awesome. Reminds me of the old Gumby movies for some reason.

  4. Peter Linsky

    Very clever!

  5. B Collins

    Defineitely has the look and Feel of an old Clay-mation(Gumby) production. I love it!……and the music choice (Fantasia??) is perfect!!

    I second the “Bravo”,….while standing in my seat and clapping wildy.

  6. Brian

    Just now noticing the comment of 11 months, 3000 pictures. Crikey! I appreciate it even more now! Thanks for the effort…..all just to amuse us. Gotta love it!


  7. Rob

    Thanks for my morning laugh. My TR8 is still setting after 2 years, must be playing the wrong music.

  8. --LS

    Wow, brilliant! Now, I’m not a car guy. Heck, I’m not even a guy. But I found this engine rebuild video to be inspiring and well worth your 11 months of effort to produce!

  9. Jasper

    Fun to watch! The music is actually Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite, In the Hall of the Mountain King… 🙂

  10. Jack Gibbons

    As a kid of 15, it took me about a year to rebuild my old Ford flathead engine. as in this film there was always a few little pieces left over that I had no idea where they were to go. When we started it up it made an awful racket so we tore it down again. We found a smashed head bolt that had been left in the #7 cylinder. I blamed it on my buddy.

  11. jim voruz

    HA! I did this engine overhaul at least 2 or 3 times on my 60 Herald 948. Could have used some good music to make the work go easier. Brilliant video! Kudos………

  12. Brian

    Super video; if only they would do it themselves!

  13. Walt Scott

    My replacement motor stands ready for rebuild. Thanks for the inspiration!! I thank you and my 69 Spitfire thanks you too!

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