$1.00 per Second of Driving Time

Gurney and Lotus Crack Nassau Record with Autolite Spark Plugs!

Dan Gurney averages a record 89.54 miles an hour, wins the International Nassau Trophy Race, his first major solo victory in six years. Dan’s reward: some $10,000—more than $1.00 per second of driving time. His car: a flame-colored 2½-liter rear-engine Lotus. His spark plugs: Autolite. Lesson for the day? Makes no difference if you own a Lotus or your name is Dan, Autolite Spark Plugs can’t be beat. There’s a set made especially for the car you drive. As Gurney and the Lotus well prove, you’re always right with Autolite.

Spark Plug Division · Toledo 1, Ohio

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  1. By repute the Nassau Speed Weeks had the second largest purse in racing to the Indy 500.
    The Bahamas Speed Week Revival will take place from 24th November – 2nd December this year and although the purse may be smaller the parties will be just as good !
    The latest exciting entry for 2012 is the Cooper Monaco driven by Jack Brabham in Nassau in 1959.


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