Reader Restoration: Beach Mk. 5 Formula Vee

Nigel Cass wrote in with this lovely set of photos of the 1965 Beach Formula Vee that he and his father restored as a hillclimber. With a 1915cc engine, I’m guessing she’s a touch faster up a hill than my old ’73 VW Thing was.

These shots of the car in action make me realize what a good photo opportunity hillclimbs are for vintage racers. If I just showed you these photos without the backstory, you might think that they are of a country road-racing circuit. The low stone walls and banners along the roadside only serve to make it look more like a mini Nürburgring or Spa.

She’s a beautiful car. I can’t wait to see Nigel and his father’s next project: a Lola 342

2 responses to “Reader Restoration: Beach Mk. 5 Formula Vee”

  1. Fred says:

    Your 73 Thing was probably a lot faster than my 63 Beetle

  2. Nigel says:

    Thank you so much for featuring our car! For more information about hillclimbing in Pennsylvania please visit the Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association’s website.

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