Stirling’s Cooper

I started out looking for a photograph of the Cooper team in 1958 & 59. Not just the drivers, mind you, but the entire team.

It seems like the kind of thing that must exist but I haven’t managed to dig one up. You see, I was playing in my mind the notion of Ferrari’s dreaded garagistas that were making his life difficult and I had this mental image of a dozen or so chaps in a garage piecing the Championship winning Cooper together. I wanted some visual representation of that; of this handful of hot-rodders coming together to compete on the international stage; and figured that there must be a group photo of the team. I still haven’t found one.

But you know how Googling goes… One link leads to another which leads to another and I ended up on this video of Sir Stirling Moss taking us through the paces in a ’59 Cooper Climax at Donnington. That’s worth passing along, right?

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  1. Michae Bauer

    Doug Nye’s book, Cooper Cars, has some good phots of the garage, and there is a color photo of the team the day after the Monaco win in 1959. There are only six guys on the team, including Black Jack and McLaren!

  2. Captain Ned

    Donington Park. Can’t even count the laps I have on that track in GRID.

  3. Robert E. Richer

    Absolutely riveting! Amazing photography and editing.

  4. Edmund

    Yes! Thank you, one of my favorite videos of all time.

  5. Skeeters

    I am a new open wheel racer driving in vintage Club Ford. This was just wonderful. Glad you found this jewel. Skeeters

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