Let’s Just Knock it Back Together Quick

4 responses to “Let’s Just Knock it Back Together Quick”

  1. wsk says:

    Doesn’t look like a rebuild to me, just changing some ratios! (And inspecting the dog rings while they’re at it.) Probably a 15 minute job. Amazing how Hewlands still look the same today…


    Whether it’s an actual rebuild or just a gear change and inspection is really a moot issue. The fact that they’ve got that thing pulled apart with parts scattered on the ground is a sight we no longer see in todays’ racing.

  3. Christian says:

    Well if you’re a vintage racer this us surly common practice 8)

  4. wsk says:

    Just drop by an SCCA weekend and look around the pits at the formula cars- this is a VERY common sight! I actually wish it were this easy on my F2000. I have to pull off an undertray and rear wing too. Anyway, great shot and a great site.

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