Seneca Cup. Watkins Glen, 1951.

I absolutely adore seeing little Cooper and Effyh 500s mixing it up with big Chrysler-Allards and Jags and Ferrari coupes in this brilliant footage from the 1951 Seneca Cup event at the Watkins Glen road races. Watch how that exhaust smoke just poured out of George Weaver’s Maserati when he got on the gas out of each turn with Fitch’s Ferrari nipping at his heels. Brilliant.

From the old Speedvision’s Victory Circle. Oh Speedvision, how I miss you.

Thanks to Michele Orsi Bandini for pointing me to it.

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  1. Automobiliac says:

    Thanks for posting this! Having just retraced the original road circuit a few weeks ago in my Alfa, I was struck by how ballsy these guys really were. The corners are sort of tricky, but what really would have been scary as hell is the final loooong downhill curving section heading back into town. It’s flat out but always curving. I would imagine the faster cars would slide the whole way through it. There’s also the railroad crossing and a crown in the road to boot. Given the state of roads in the 50s and tire technologies, I am just in awe of the bravery some of these drivers had! I never knew this footage existed. Just amazing.

  2. Dave Seyse says:

    Wonderful! Does anyone here know the meaning of the word “Effyh” ? It looks suspiciously Welsh.

  3. Richard Hodges says:

    Almost missed at the back of the grid is the red Cooper Mk V (56) – owned by Briggs Cunningham and driven here by Phil Walters.
    And all circuits should have a railroad crossing.

  4. Dave Seyse says:

    I found my own answer, and I’ll share it! The cars were built in Sweden by two brothers, Folke & Yngve Hakansson. The car is named for their initials FYH. Not Welsh at all but they did miss a fine opportunity.

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