Just Park Her Anywhere

Check out the spectator parking on the outside of a turn at the ’73 Targa Florio. With safety standards like this, it’s little wonder that this was the last proper Targa.

Race winning Martini entry piloted by Herbert Müller/Gijs van Lennep wiggles around this parking lot in their 911RSR with little effort, but even this minor inconvenience in the Sicilian mountains would test my nerve.

Just look at the track’s edge in this clip from the Targa of the same year (and from the wheel of another 911RSR: #113).

Hat tip to That911 for the photo.

2 responses to “Just Park Her Anywhere”

  1. that Fiat on the left in the photo was four-wheel drive?

  2. Bruce B. says:

    I thought those were hay bales painted like cars!

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