Race #1

The 1950 British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The first Formula 1 world championship race.

Man, those Talbot-Lagos are pretty.

Edit: Ugh. Video is gone. Thanks, Bernie.

Edit 2: Found another video and replaced the original embed.

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  1. Captain Ned

    And Bernie says he owns the video of the 1950 British Grand Prix.

  2. Fred

    Bummer, I’d love to some Talbot-Lagos

  3. Robert E. Richer

    Absolutely superb footage.
    Marvelous cars.
    Drove one of the Talbots once…a real truck until it got up to speed.

  4. Peter Linsky

    I for one have no interest in what Mr. Ecclestone has to say about any subject.

  5. Edmund

    That was some really great footage. Quality picture and narration. Thanks for sharing.

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