Perfect Teamwork

Perfect teamwork wins Grand Prix of the United States!

Jimmy Clark
The “Flying Scot,” winner of more Grand Prix races than any other active driver.

Lotus by Chapman
Winner of the constructors’ title in 1963, winner of the Indianapolis 500. Achievements like this make Colin Chapman one of the most creative pioneers in the business of racing.

BRM, H-16
First win for BRM (British Racing Motors) radical design engine, 16 cylinders in a horizontal H layout with a displacement of 2998 cc’s, two overhead valves per cylinder, 12.5:1 compression ratio with a power output of about 420 bhp at 10,750 rpm.

STP Oil Treatment
Used to protect the power of the most sophisticated racing powerplant ever built. STP Oil Treatment has the unique property of blending with any motor oil to form a super-lubricant that easily withstands the rigorous heat and pressures of all kinds of racing. Next time you need oil…every time you change oil…add STP Oil Treatment. Used by millions and millions of motorists like you. Available at service stations everywhere.

Late news from Japan: Jackie Stewart and STP Oil Treatment win Tokyo “Indy 200” Championship!

STP Division
Studebaker Corporation
125 Oakton, Des Plaines, ILL

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