Eric Dean’s Freshly Restored Vee is Ready for Action

Eric says, “I took some photos of the ASP before I rolled her in the trailer for this weekend’s race. I guess that means the restoration is officially done. I hope it gets around the track a little faster than before.”

Those of you that have been following along with Eric’s ASP Formula Vee restoration are going to be pleased as hell to see these shots. I’m sure there’ll be more images of her on track by the time the weekend is through but I couldn’t resist sharing these with you today.

Beautiful work, Eric. Congratulations.

7 responses to “Eric Dean’s Freshly Restored Vee is Ready for Action”

  1. Fred says:

    nice looking car and good luck this weekend.

  2. Don Charnetski says:

    Eric, looks great and brings back memories of my Vee days. I won’t be at Gingerman in the ‘ 63 MGB I now race but will watch for your excellent car at BH, Grattan and RA. Congratulations, and go get ’em.

  3. rdsieber says:

    Great color! I enjoyed reading the posts for the back story on this one. Good luck with your steed!

  4. Automobiliac says:

    Looks nicer and cleaner than any racecar probably ever was in period! Well done!

  5. eric says:

    Thanks guys! The car worked pretty well this past weekend at gingerman. I’ll work on a post to share some photos and video of it in action. The vee guys miss ya Don.

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  7. KF YORK says:


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